The Texas 2020 Election Case and the Supreme Court

The most important point, regarding the Texas election case filed with the Supreme Court is EVIDENCE will be presented directly to the Supreme Court justices.

Why is this SO important?

The Texas case is different because it can only be heard first at the Supreme Court since the Constitution directly states the Supreme Court has “Original Jurisdiction” over disputes between the states.

“Original Jurisdiction” means the plaintiff and the defendant present their case with evidence and cross examination directly to all nine justices of the Supreme Court.

For 99% of its legal (or thereabouts), the Supreme Court hears cases on appeal. When a case is heard on appeal, evidence cannot be introduced as the case is not decided on evidence but only on whether the law was properly followed when deciding the case based on the evidence presented AT THE POINT OF ORIGINAL JURISDICTION. That point could be a state court or a lower federal court.

With Original Jurisdiction for the Texas case at the Supreme Court, everyone in the country will be able to see ALL the evidence of election fraud from each of the four states named in the suit (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). This means America gets to learn about all the vote dumps, all the blocking of Republican poll watchers, all the Dominion machine issues, all the illegal changes made by various Secretaries of State, etc.


Now, let’s play this out.

The Supreme Court could reverse all or some of the state results. This could cause the electors to be disqualified, new votes within the states, certain votes thrown out — there are many possibilities. Any of these would almost assuredly mean Trump will be inaugurated on Jan 20, 2021.

However, what if the Supreme Court decides NOT to rule in favor of President Trump. Let’s say they decide bad things happened, but it is up to the state legislatures to fix it before the next elections in 2024. Does this mean Trump is toast?

No. It has always been about the Electoral College votes.

Since the all the evidence of election fraud will be presented to the Supreme Court and seen by the entire country, the likelihood of a successful challenge to the Electoral College votes is almost certain.

This is not without precedence. It was done in 1877 for the election of 1876. It was also attempted in 2016 when Democrat Representatives objected to the electors for then Mr. Trump. They needed to get one Senator — just one — to agree with them, but they were not successful.

This time, however, the chance of at least one Senator going along with a Representative is almost certain. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas already volunteered to represent one of many other election fraud lawsuits that could be heading to the Supreme Court. Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Rick Scott (R-FL) are also likely to agree to a challenge of the Electoral Votes.

With the challenge to review accepted, each chamber would vote on the validity of the electors in question. If enough electors were thrown out so no one got 270 votes, then the House of Representatives would decide on the President per the Constitution. The House would vote as state blocks, not individual representatives. Currently, the next Congress is expected to have 26 Republican majority states and 23 Democrat majority states with one (Pennsylvania) evenly split. Trump wins.

Again, this has happened in the past. In 1864 electors from Louisiana and Tennessee were thrown out but that did not affect the re-election of President Lincoln. In 1876, it got to a point that a grand compromise had to be made. This compromise ended Reconstruction in the South thereby allowing Democrats to institute segregation and Jim Crow laws in the South and enabled the Republican, Rutherford B. Hayes, to become President.

There is no question a successful challenge to the 2020 election would have massive reverberations across the country and the world. However, allowing the Democrats to get away with the massive fraud and deception they perpetrated in this election will mean no future election will be safe or secure. Since the Democrats got away with it in 2020, they will apply the same methods in every future election.

Who is to stop them — short of a revolution?

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