The Mainstream Left, Its Violence and How to Deal With It

Jim Geraghty’s argument sounds good at first:

“I don’t think that talk radio made the Oklahoma City bombing happen, I don’t think violent video games made Columbine happen, I don’t think Sarah Palin’s Facebook page made the Tuscon shooter take his actions, and I don’t think crazy rumors posted on Facebook made that guy bring a gun into that Adams Morgan pizzeria.”

The problem with all of his points is that the people who perpetrated the crimes WERE NOT CONSERVATIVES!

But they, and all the other violent outbursts over the last 30 years (with one exception — the shooting of the abortion doctor back in the 90s) have come either from people who are insane or leftists.

Remember the Unibomber? Leftist

Columbine? Anti-America/Christian

The DC Sniper? Anti-American

The Oregon School Shooter? Anti-Christian

Rep Giffords’ shooter? Babbled leftist rhetoric

The latest this week? Leftist

And there are so many I’m not including.

So why is the preponderance of hate on the left? Please notice I said HATE and not disagreement. Passionate disagreement is one thing; HATE is another.

And what we have from the left is HATE!

Let’s start back in the 1960s shall we? We can look up all the riots that went on back then. There was some pro-racist violence but the scales tipped heavily towards the left wing of American politics. The silent majority of America who held mostly conservative or traditional values did not riot or break things.

The riots seemed to slow down in the late 70s and 80s but what happened was that those who did the rioting and organizing for those riots were getting themselves into places of power and influence where they would work their persuasion on others in other ways.

We can start seeing the effect in the 80s with the failed Supreme Court nomination of Robert Bork and the all out smear campaign by leftists in Congress against him. Having drawn blood, the left turned their sights on Clarence Thomas’s nomination. The only reason they failed is that Thomas stared them down and shined the light on them for their attempt at a “high tech lynching”.

Still, the left knew they had a good thing going as most conservatives/Republicans were not going to be as courageous as Justice Thomas.

Next up was the attack on Newt Gingrich and the House Republicans who had inconceivably won the majority in the House in 1994 after 50 years of being in the minority. That could not stand! So Democrats said that Republicans were going to KILL old people by feeding them dog food and making Medicare shrivel on the vine. Republicans were going to KILL Americans by polluting the air and water.

At the same time as leftist politicians and the media (one and the same) were saying Republicans were going to KILL people and make them starve the universities were becoming even more hateful of America and its traditional values. Now it’s not America the Beautiful — it’s America the Unjust, America the Oppressor, America the Racist, Bigoted, White Privileged Country that needs to be fundamentally transformed because we are the cause of all that is bad in the world.

I wish my last paragraph was hyperbole but it is not.

The current result for the last 30 plus years of this leftist indoctrination within academia is riots against anyone who dares to espouse non-leftist ideology on college campuses. We have students demanding “safe spaces” so their ideas cannot be challenged and the obliteration of free speech in the name of political correctness.

While the freezing of free speech, by itself, would not support the leftist violent tendencies the combination of violent, over the top rhetoric and the indoctrinated attitude that America and the American culture is vile gives free reign for those who feel they are serving a higher good by “taking out” those racist, bigoted, white privileged Americans.

“Taking out” can mean anything from discriminating against Trump supporters at Starbucks, violently rioting against someone giving a speech or shooting Republican Congressmen. It’s all justified since all those who are not on the side of the leftist are evil.

Just look at the rhetoric since Trump has been elected. Have you ever heard so much rage and hate in your life? This is what the mainstream left looks and sounds like today.

Of course the left blames Trump for all this negative discourse but conveniently forgets that Barack Obama derided American traditionalism by sneering about people who “cling” to their Bibles and their guns. He also said that his followers should bring a gun if their opponent brings a knife (what, no diplomacy first?). On top of that, Obama proudly proclaimed that he was going to “fundamentally change” America because we were not a “good” country thus attempting to put in to practice what had been taught in colleges for decades.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the violence is all on the mainstream left side — both in words and in deeds. Mainstream Conservatives or Republicans have not done anything similar. Yes there are some fringe people who espouse some Conservative or Republican ideas who say violent things but they are so few in comparison to the left and they have not DONE anything close to what the left is doing. Each time a gunman shoots commits mass murder you can feel the leftist mainstream media wishing and hoping that the perpetrator is from the TEA party. It just never happens.

So what to do? Five things:

First, let’s not fall into the trap of not naming the enemy as so many in America fail to do regarding Radical Islamic Terrorism. The left needs to have the light shone on it so they will be made to scatter like cockroaches. This means calling out their lies and distortions; not shying away from pointing out where the left is wrong and why.

Second, we fight back legally and with gusto. Go after the left’s sponsors, make them feel the heat for supporting anti-American propaganda and actions. Support strong and courageous conservative politicians and hold them accountable. Vote out the Washington DC establishment Republicans who are only aiding and abetting the left.

Third, peacefully march and protest. The TEA party did an outstanding job for a few years — we need to get this back! We cannot let the left be the only ones on the street!

Fourth, be firm, strident and courageous. Do not provoke but do not back down.

Fifth, be mentally prepared for a protracted conflict. This is a war for the heart and soul of America. Pat Buchanan was right in his speech in 1992 and the situation has only gotten worse since then. The left has had decades to inculcate its followers in their irrational hate. It will take time and much hard effort to get back to some form of American normalcy.


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