Countering the Migrant Caravan Invasion — Is a Temporary Buffer Zone in Mexico the Answer?

The 5,000–7,000+ person migrant “caravan” intent on illegally barging into America to declare we passively accept them is a threat to our nation’s sovereignty. The last time a large mass of foreigners attempted to force their way into America and demand the United States do what they say was the War of 1812.

In that war, America did what it had to do to defend itself. Today should be no different — including the possibility of creating a buffer zone south of the Rio Grande.

This is not a humanitarian crisis. If these people were in refugee camps in southern Mexico pleading for assistance, starving, not knowing what to do next then that would be a humanitarian crisis. These migrants are being aided by outside interests in their invasion of America. They have transportation, food, water, and other logistical necessities required to organize quickly and make the long 2,500 mile trip. They could have gone just 500 miles to Costa Rica and applied for asylum there if asylum were the goal — but they did not.

You see, this is not about asylum or any other noble cause. It is all about forcing the United States to finish the fundamental transformation to a border-less globalism that Barack Obama started. All the elites in DC, NYC and across the country fully expected Hillary Clinton to finish the task. They would have succeeded except for Donald Trump and all those who voted for him. Now Trump and America must pay for daring to say no to these high and mighty elites of academe, the media and government by forcibly receiving these migrants.

This brings us to what we did in the War of 1812; defend our country from invasion. Since this is not an ordinary situation, extraordinary measures must be considered.

One of these extraordinary measures is utilizing the active duty military of the Untied States. We are not talking about a Posse Comitatus Act situation as one of the chief roles of the active duty military is to protect America from foreign invaders. Therefore, the 1st Calvary Division at Ft. Hood, Texas, the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas and the 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Carson, Colorado can be used quickly and easily to defend our country.

While National Guard troops can, and should, play a role they are not ready or equipped to do the one big mission we may have to do — cross the Rio Grande and establish a buffer zone in Mexico.

Why would we do such a provocative act? Would we not be declaring war on Mexico by invading their territory?

Due to our inane asylum laws, any people who enter the United States and are citizens of another country that is NOT contiguous with America cannot be immediately sent home. They must be kept in America until their asylum request is adjudicated. Thus, all these people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have to do is touch foot on American soil and, voila, they cannot be instantly deported.

With so many coming in at one time, we do not have the facilities to hold everyone without putting them into what would be portrayed as prison camps — a public relations nightmare. Additionally, the law on the books since President Clinton’s administration requires separating children from their parents. We all know how this will be presented by our illustrious media.

The end result is these migrants will be set free in the United States and expected to come back when their cases are ready to be heard — most of whom will likely never return for their court date.

Therefore, we need to stop these people before they can get into America. Without “The Wall”, we must ensure they are stopped in Mexico.

Currently, the Mexican government is not showing any intention of ending this invasion of America. Consequently, we are forced to conclude Mexico either wants America to be invaded, which is an act of war, or it is so incapable of stopping the migrant army that we must do it for them.

The option of creating a buffer zone along Mexico’s Northern border to interdict this globalist directed mob would be a large undertaking but the likelihood of maintaining it long is small. In fact, the very real threat of doing so could “encourage” Mexico to do the right thing and stop the migrants themselves.

If we need to follow through on the buffer zone then the ability to meet the invaders before they reach America would allow us to capture the migrant ringleaders and more easily disperse the throng. Once these people get into America, there is no need to capture the leadership as they would have accomplished their goal.

Is establishing a buffer zone in Mexico a high risk move? Yes.

Is it a higher risk to back down to the bullying of global elitists who are using these peasants as pawns in their war against the United States? Absolutely.

Fortunately, we have a president who is willing to consider extraordinary measures and able to act decisively to protect America.



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